Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Local Government Efficiency Task Force

A Special Subcommittee of the Milton Board of Selectmen

Appointments will expire on March 31st, 2021, unless extended by the 
Board of Selectmen.

Anyone who meets any of the criteria below is encouraged to submit a letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen for appointment to this Special Subcommittee. This will be an appointment effective until March 31st, 2021, unless extended by the Selectmen at its regularly scheduled meeting on March 15, 2021 or at any meeting prior to the March 31st, 2021 expiration date.

Please submit letters of interest by e-mail to or by mail to:
Milton Efficiency Task Force, Town Hall, 424 White Mountain, Milton NH 03851

Any questions may be directed to Ernest Creveling at 603.652.4501 x1
or by e-mail to

Task Force Organization and Guidelines
Special Considerations (location/qualifications)
1 resident entrepreneur/business owner
Milton Mills
1 resident entrepreneur/business owner
1 resident at large
Strong accounting or finance background
1 Select Board Representative

1 Planning Board Representative
1 Economic Dev. Com. Representative
1 School Board or School Admin. Rep.
1 Budget Committee Representative
Town Planner/Resident


  • Department Head consultation and support, as needed, with TA as primary contact.
  • Consultation with state and federal representatives, as needed.
  • New Hampshire Municipal Association publications and legal services (free of charge)**
  • Others as may be identified during the course of this task force's work.
**Keep in mind that every piece of advice NHMA legal staff provides is followed by the caveat to have a municipality’s legal counsel review thoroughly. The resource is there and it’s a great start for a project like this.

This group must:

  • Be objective and apolitical;
  • Be willing to explore the viability of any proposal considered by the task force, using the best cost/benefit ratio analyses possible for any proposal that receives a majority vote to continue under consideration;
  • Research the legality of any proposal under current state and federal law and, if not legal currently, determine if there is a path to legality and define the steps to get there for those proposals the group feels should be pursued.
This group will be respectful to one another, to members of the public who may have suggestions and ideas and to the mission of the group.

Milton, NH Local Government Efficiency Task Force Mission Statement
The Charge of the Task Force shall be to review local government organization and efficiency options and to receive local government efficiency suggestions offered by the public and by public employees and to identify and research techniques available to municipalities through existing legislation, along with possible ideas to present to our representatives in the State House for new legislation which aims to achieve greater flexibility in all three of the below-stated objectives and/or any other areas of opportunity the task force may identify:
  • Broadening and diversifying the tax base (business/industry retention and attraction);
  • Increasing revenue streams from outside sources, similar to two innovative uses of town- owned properties currently:
    • the solar array that is built on top of the Milton landfill generates lease revenue, payments- in-lieu of taxes and most of the time results in electricity cost credits from an otherwise unproductive property
    • The town also leases property to a private entity for the location of a communications tower in the industrial park.
  • Cutting operating costs by identifying redundancies and area of collaboration between the Town and the School and also identifying any collaborative regional opportunities.
  • Projects that will achieve savings and improve municipal efficiency through shared services, cooperative agreements, consolidations and dissolutions with any agency or jurisdiction.
This is envisioned right now to be a 12 to 18-month project. Efficiencies that are identified, thoroughly examined and recommended to the Board of Selectmen will be considered for proposal in the 2021 budget cycle. There may be others that will take longer to research and which may warrant an extension of the project for an additional 6 months, beyond March 31st, 2021.

Agreed Upon by Consensus
 Milton Board of Selectmen
Meeting of April 20, 2020

Respectfully Submitted: 
Ernest M. Cartier Creveling Town Administrator

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Local Government  Efficiency Task Force A Special Subcommittee of the Milton Board of Selectmen Appointments will expire on March...